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2520 Year Prophecy
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Power Point Presentations

Foundation 1 (This is a voice over presentation)

2520 Power Point Presentation

Islam in Prophecy

The World Today

Road To Emmaus

2520 Year Prophecy

Fear God Revisited

The Gathering Time Message

3 Angels Message

PP/The Valley of Decision

2520 3rd  July 2012

Elijah & Elisha


Please note these require a power point viewer if you do not have power point on your system.  Click here to download the viewer: Power Point Viewer - Some of these files are deep and will take a while to download. We are working on putting them into a flash format when that is done you will be able to view them on the website.

Power Point - To save space on this server I am converting most of the Powerpoint Presentations into the 2007 format. You can download the viewer from Microsoft. Sorry for the difficulties this may cause. (It cuts the file size by 60+%) This means faster download times for you as well.










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