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Don Frost Testimony
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Don Frost
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The Pool of Siloam
Dr. Henk Hietkamp

Adventism's Visitation
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Jeff Pippenger


Mandigo Family Mission Youth  for Truth

This Week; "Should We Keep Silent"

 When man assails his fellow men, and presents in a ridiculous light those whom God has appointed to do work for him, we would not be doing justice to the accusers, or to those who are misled by their accusations should we keep silent, leaving the people to think that their brethren and sisters, in whom they have had confidence, are no longer worthy of their love and fellowship. This work, arising in our very midst, and resembling the work of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram, is an offence to God, and should be met. And on every point the accusers [ADDRESSED TO CERTAIN ACCUSERS IN AUSTRALIA WHO HAD HAD SPECIAL EVIDENCE OF ELLEN WHITE'S WORK.--COMPILERS.] should be called upon to bring their proof. Every charge should be carefully investigated; it should not be left in any uncertain way, the people should not be left to think that it may be or it may not be. The accusers should do all in their power to lift every sign of reproach that cannot be substantiated.  {3SM 348.1}    

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New Additions Mary Campbell Bread Making (No.13) and Stones & Dreams of the End time (No.14) Sabrina's Testimony (No.12) Deontay Jefferson - Turning Points (No.15) Don Frost The Midnight Cry Sharing Techniques (No. 16) Bill Campbell Another Time (No. 17)


01. Don Frost - Personal Testimony  02. Don Frost - How to share last Day truths 10. Don Frost -- The Daily and 1290/1335 --11. Don Frost - Laodicean Church & its Cure 03. E. Richards - The two tables Explained 04. Randy Moeller - Outline of the 2520 -- 05. Victoria Mandigo -- Habbakuks Two Tables (July13) 06. Victoria Mandigo -- Deuteronomy 32 (July13) -- 07 thru 09. Glenn Frachiseur -- series on Saul 12. Sabrina's Testimony 13. Mary Campbell Bread Making (A Must Watch) 14. Mary Campbell -- Stones & Dreams of the End Time 15. Deontay Jefferson - Turning Points 16. Don Frost -- The Midnight Cry and How to Share it. 17 Bill Campbell -- Another Time

Don Frost  - Oliver Springs 2013
Midnight Cry Message

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