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New Addition Don Frost
Midnight Cry Message September 2013 See Below
Don Frost Testimony
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Don Frost
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The Pool of Siloam
Dr. Henk Hietkamp


Mandigo Family Mission Youth  for Truth

This Week; "A Complete Whole"

 The life of a Christian is a life regulated by the Word of God just as it reads. All the truths of the Old and the New Testaments form a complete whole. These truths we are to cherish, believe, and obey. To the true disciple, faith in God's Word is a living, active principle; for "with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation" (Romans 10:10). By faith man believes that he receives the righteousness of Christ. {1888 897.2}
Don Frost Dec 14 Seminar 
Community Center in Oliver Springs, Friday December 12th from 7PM to 8:30 PM and Sabbath 13 December all day. Bring a dish Potluck - Call 865-805-5866 RSVP and directions it is on the corner of Lookout and Greene Rd. Click here for directions from Google CLICK

01. Don Frost - Personal Testimony  02. Don Frost - How to share last Day truths 10. Don Frost -- The Daily and 1290/1335 --11. Don Frost - Laodicean Church & its Cure 03. E. Richards - The two tables Explained 04. Randy Moeller - Outline of the 2520 -- 05. Victoria Mandigo -- Habbakuks Two Tables (July13) 06. Victoria Mandigo -- Deuteronomy 32 (July13) -- 07 thru 09. Glenn Frachiseur -- series on Saul 12. Sabrina's Testimony 13. Mary Campbell Bread Making (A Must Watch) 14. Mary Campbell -- Stones & Dreams of the End Time 15. Deontay Jefferson - Turning Points 16. Don Frost -- The Midnight Cry and How to Share it. 17 Bill Campbell -- Another Time

Don Frost  - Oliver Springs 2013
Midnight Cry Message

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